Banana caloriesBanana calories are fully packed with body building vitamins and minerals. This article is intentionally made in short bullet points to enable quick read. So, read with the goal of learning something new about this precious fruit called banana. The article – banana calories will not delve into biology of banana. Most people like me do not like farming, but like to eat farm produce. We are not lazy, but time is not available may be. Hence we will keep farming out of this article. Therefore, another article on banana biology will serve those who want to know history of banana.

  • Bananas nutrient can help strengthen your bones and lower your risk of high blood pressure and stroke. The reason is because bananas are rich in potassium.
  • Vitamin B is another content of banana that makes it very rich for reproduction purposes.
  • Banana is made up of 18 amino acids. These amino acids includes all the essential ones that your body cannot make in sufficient quantity or at all
  • Also, bananas contain vital minerals, such as magnesium, which helps bones absorb calcium and thus remain strong.
  • Banana calories are 22┬ápercent carbohydrate. Thus, banana calories provide quick energy since bananas are so easy to digest.


  • Bananas are a good source of vitamins A, B, and C, which the body needs for essential functioning.
  • Additionally, bananas are capable of quenching hunger, since one never eats many bananas at a go.
  • Banana leaves contain useful fibers and is used for various purposes in tropical countries. Many use it to wrap oven-cooked foods like moimoi in Nigeria.
  • There are so many uses for the banana! It is just right in snacks, cereals, fruit cocktails, pies, cakes, and, of course, the renowned banana split.
  • Bananas also have the power to aid in the regenerating of hemoglobin in the red cells in the blood.
  • Because of their low protein content, bananas are recommended for people suffering from kidney disorder
  • Bananas can be baked or fried.
  • Truly delicious by themselves, they can be used to make appealing milk shakes, banana splits, banana cream pies, and in fruit salads.
  • Do you know that banana powder is becoming popular? Individuals who cannot tolerate truly ripe raw bananas can easily digest banana powder.


Other things that make banana truly remarkable are:

  • Bananas contain 75┬ápercent less moisture than almost any other fresh fruit. Also, bananas have some 20┬ápercent more sugar than most other fresh fruits. Therefore, banana can take the place of more substantial foods and serve not only as a dessert.
  • Because of their low protein content, bananas are recommended for those suffering from kidney disorder. When fully ripe the starch in bananas turns to fructose, and so they are recommended for diabetics who cannot tolerate cane or beet sugar (sucrose). Bananas have been found helpful in many cases of peptic ulcers. Strange as it may seem, bananas are food for those who are overweight and those who are underweight, helping to correct both conditions, even as they are aids to remedying both diarrhea and constipation.
  • Banana is good for weight watchers and weight gainers. Both groups might well try having a few bananas and a glass of milk instead of a regular meal. Especially would such persons do well to have bananas take the place of desserts or between-meal or late snacks.



Banana calories are perfect nature combination. The delicious fruit could be eaten raw as desert, baked, or fried. Bananas form part of everyday delicacies in juice, cakes and biscuits. If your goal is to buy banana in bulk, look no other place than Nigeria. Thank you for reading from us once more. Lastly, contact us for around import and export from Nigeria.