Why is lemon good for youWhy is lemon good for you? Envision an item that can be usable as medication, a cleaning operator, a disinfectant, and a wonder treatment. You can eat it, drink its juice, and concentrate basic oil from it. It comes alluringly bundled, is accessible everywhere throughout the world, and is modest. You may even have one in your kitchen now. What is going on here? The lemon!

When you think of lemon, the first question that comes to mind is; “Why do many people use lemon?” You may be thinking that lemon has limited use and application, but all that is about to change. This citrus organic product – Lemon is normally large, oval shaped and brightly yellow. It is good for its refreshing flavor and fragrance. Lemon are the most acidic and famous citrus, which naturally has a sour taste. However, in general it tends to be sweeter.

This article titled will show that lemon has variety of uses. The article will limit itself to lemon fruits and peels.



Lemons are rich with vitamins and minerals. It is a rich source of vitamin C and is full of medicinal value. Lemon has enormous medical advantages, extending from its antibacterial properties to its resistant boosting capacities. Aside its medicinal worth it can likewise be utilizable as a cleaning specialist, beauty treatment and as disinfectant. Studies show that drinking lemon with warm water has many medical advantages.

Here are some of the medical advantages of using lemon


Lemons are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help shield cells from harming free radicals. Vitamin C aid in diminishing the danger of cardiovascular illnesses and stroke, and assist lower blood pressure. Consumption of fruits high in vitamin C is linkable to decreased heart infections chance. In spite of the fact that it is not just vitamin C that is believed to be useful for the heart. Fiber contained in lemon could lower some hazard factors for heart diseases

Additionally, lemon contains iron, citric acid and vitamin C. Iron deficiency leads to anemia. Lemon as a good source of citric acid and vitamin C helps forestall anemia by improving the absorption of iron in diets.

Furthermore, Lemon juice as a good source of vitamin C protects the body from immune system deficiencies. Vitamin C help support the immune system against germs that can cause common cold and flu virus.


Studies show that flavonoids in citrus fruits like lemon help reduce the danger of ischemic stroke. Ischemic stroke is a typical kind of stroke. This happens when a blood clot hinders the flow of blood to the brain. Intake of food containing flavonoids helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and prevent against cancer.


Lemon contains soluble fiber that can help improve digestive health. Nonetheless, you have to eat the pulp of the lemon not simply the juice so you can derive the benefits. Lemon juice with warm water helps manage regular bowel movement and aid digestion.


Absence of water in the body causes kidney stones. Some studies show that citric acid in lemons help prevent kidney stones. Increase of citrate in the body makes urine less acidic and helps treat kidney stones. In this manner drinking more water can help forestall kidney stones. Anyway, greater quality research is required.


Citric acid contained in lemon can eliminate microscopic organisms that cause terrible breath. Hence, a glass of lemon water first in the morning and after meal, helps prevent terrible breath. It likewise relieves toothaches and gum disease. However, lemon acidity can cause tooth enamel erosion. In any case, if you still want to take your lemon water without harming your teeth. Thus, It is suggested;

  • You limit the amount you drink.
  • You can also use a straw. This ensures the lemon water goes down with insignificant contact with your teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with water to wash away the acid that is leftover clinging to your teeth.
  • Brush routinely. This will guarantee that there is nothing left in your teeth to cause issues. The less exposure to acid the more grounded your teeth will remain.


Lemon has many attractive and useful components. Aside the health benefits of lemon, there is a growing popularity for utilizing lemons as a natural treatment for skin problems like acne, wrinkles, and age spots. Here are the benefits of lemon on the skin, face and hair.


Lemon is excellent for its antibacterial properties. It contains citric acid that helps treat inflammatory acne as well as extra scars. It additionally assists with lessening oil that may add to the formation of acne. Use a fresh lemon on your skin and let the juice dry. Then rinse with water but do not do this if you have a sore since it may sting.


Lemon moisturizes and helps the skin to rebuild. It likewise promotes the elimination of dead skin. Apply a couple of drops on the lips at night, before sleeping. Nevertheless, if you have seriously dried out lips that have any cuts do not attempt this. This is the easiest and most regular technique.


Lemons are rich in vitamin c and citric acid, which help lighten up the skin. It can likewise assist with helping dark spots. Just apply lemon squeeze legitimately against the skin dark spots. However, lemon is photosensitive, be careful not to be expose to the sun. Application of lemon to skin is best at night.


Lemon juice does not prevent the presence of dandruff rather it tenderly disposes them. It clears of dead skin cells and lightens patches brought about by psoriasis and dandruff. Essentially blend few drops of lemon juice with olive oil, and a spoon of honey and make yourself a veil. Apply and permit it to sit for about 30minutes.


The acidic properties in lemon help your skin look brighter and alleviate the wrinkles too. Apply some lemon juice and rub it everywhere throughout the body, or apply where wrinkles are.


If you have a dry and weak nail, lemon juice is an incredible method to fix your nails. Just blend your preferred cooking oil with lemon juice and soak your nails.


Citrus extract in lemon is natural bleach. Irrespective of what shading your hair is, lemon juice can make your hair look shiner or lightener. It brightens the hair by synthetically lessening your hair colour pigment. To help your hair shading, dilute fresh lemons juice in water and wash your hair with it.


Lemons astringent properties help purify skin, fixes pores and dry out oil. Dip a bit of cotton in a little lemon juice; apply it all over to clean it. In the event that you have, a crabby skin add little water to the juice.

Excessive use of lemon juice to the skin could be adverse. Hence, it is advisable;

  • You do not utilize in excess of not many drops of lemon juice.
  • Be wary when utilizing lemon juice as a mask or hair washer. Ensure you wear sunscreen whenever you go to the sun.
  • Stop quickly if you see any indications of irritation.


Lemons are very acidic. Although numerous kinds of cleanser are antacid and not acidic. Acids can be truly valuable about cleaning. They help take out stains brought about by different acids. Lemon is good to for its viability as cleaning operators.

  • Lemon juice expels rust stains from cotton and polyester. Make a paste of lemon juice and apply into the stain. Let it sit for about 30minutes, and wash afterward.
  • Lemon juice helps keep your toilet clean. Place half cup of lemon juice in the bowl and wash with a toilet brush.
  • Lemon juice helps in cleaning windows and mirrors. Put a couple of tablespoons of lemon squeeze and water into a shower bottle. It fills in just as a vinegar arrangement and furthermore smells better.
  • Include a couple drops of lemon juice to your dish cleanser to support degreasing capacity.
  • Expel smells from refrigerator with a half lemon on a saucer. Replace the lemon once every week.
  • Lemon juice help unclogging drain. A mixture of baking soda and lemon juice can do the magic.
  • Lemon juice help clean stains on glass doors. Half cut of lemon can do the trick.
  • Lemon juice assist expel with stains from apparel. Just apply lemon juice to the spot, let it sit for the time being and afterward wash as normal.
  • Lemon can kill smell. Terrible scent like the remaining fragrance from cooking fish and vegetables that spoil in junk. This can be removed using lemon, which can kill the smell. Just boil lemon peel to get fragrant acid and dispose of the terrible stench noticeable all around.


Few people just consider what they get from lemon juice disregarding the substance of the peel. Lemon peel contains vitamin c and calcium that helps in improving and keeping up bone wellbeing. It likewise helps in preventing bone related illnesses like joint pain and osteoporosis. Lemon peel has sound compounds, which encourages us; carry on with a more advantageous life.


  • Lemon peel contains high measure of citrus bioflavonoids. These aides in decrease of oxidative worry in your body.
  • Vitamin C in lemon peel help battle normal teeth related issues like gingivitis and scurvy. Lemon peel been wealthy in citrus extract assists spread with the deficiency of lack of vitamin C.
  • Potassium in lemon peel assists with keeping up the circulatory strain. Hence, the presence of polyphenol flavonoids in lemon peel helps in keeping up the cholesterol level in our body. What’s more, lemon strips help in the avoidance of other related sicknesses like stroke and heart failure. It does this by keeping up the cholesterol level.
  • Lemon peel contains a part called pectin. These aides weight reduction in the body.
  • In addition, lemon peel being alkaline in nature assists with keeping up the pH of our body. Lemon peel contains limonene, which is useable in the prevention and treatment of cancer.
  • However, low pH makes them ideal for excellent beauty and personal care, when being applied legitimately to the skin. Hence, lemon peel can help sunspots.


Lemon peel can be frozen, powdered and covered with sugar. You can likewise eat it fresh.

Deep freeze the lemon peel for couple of hours, grind them, sprinkle on soups, beverages and marinades. You can dry out lemon peel by cutting into strips, to add flavor to your preferred tea.

This makes it simple to add it to variety of dishes. Whenever you plan to eat this citrus natural product. Clutch the peel and put it to use.


How frequently do you use lemons? Some put a cut in some tea; others utilize the pizzazz or a couple of drops of the juice in cake plans. Possibly, you press them to utilize the juice for lemonade. Culinary specialists around the globe consistently have lemons close by for unlimited uses in cooking. Nevertheless, have you at any point utilized lemon squeeze as a disinfectant? Alternatively, have you tried to use lemon to help evacuate a stain?

Citrus extract from lemon could likewise be in cleanser, liquid soap, conditioner, hair lacquer, skin cream and significantly more. Similarly, this substance is utilizable in a few enhancements and drugs, for example, nutrient powder, syrup and herbs. The agricultural industry utilizes it as a characteristic pesticide for handling plants.

Additionally, extracts from lemon are useable to alter pH and to fill in as alpha hydroxyl acid normally utilized in anti-aging creams.

Furthermore, there are wide varieties of lemon engineered to be highly resistant to drought and produce season-wide. This means meeting the ever-growing demand for lemon produces. Thus, creating a stable chain of supply for industries depending heavily on leman.



Lemons are a wellspring of citrus extract, which is usable as characteristic additives. Equally, lemons are utilizable to give an acrid taste to food or drink. The lemon substance and strip yield gelatin, which is utilizable in the food business as a thickener, emulsifier, and gelling operator. Furthermore, there is an oil separated from the strip that is usable in the food, pharmaceutical, and restorative enterprises. The rundown of employments for lemons could continue forever. Lemons really are a beautiful, tasty, adaptable natural product. Thank you for reading!