why watermelon is goodWhy watermelon is good for you is not just a question. During the blistering summer seasons, what truly rings a bell when you see a watermelon? Have you ever wondered why watermelon is good for you? Envision this brisk look all over when you have a nibble of this tasty fruit. Aside eating this refreshing natural product, do you realize that it contains not less than 90% of water? Do you additionally realize that the seed and rind has a gigantic medical advantage?

This huge roundish organic product with a hard skin, numerous seeds and a sweet pulp is exceptionally rich in water. It contains potassium, vitamins and minerals, with numerous healthy plant compounds. It barely contains fat or protein, which makes it low in calories. However, it is high in carotenoids, beta-carotene and lycopene. It is additionally a decent wellspring of citrulline and antioxidants. With all these numerous and healthy contents, let us discuss why this nature melon is good for you.



Watermelon juice may help lessen muscle soreness – reaction from strenuous exercise. An examination in 2015 propose that watermelons citrulline may likewise help improve athletic performance. It helps boost sports performance, reduce muscle irritation and quicker pulse recuperation.


High blood pressure is a major cause for premature death. Watermelon as a good source of citrulline and arginine help lessen circulatory strain and improve the performance of the arteries. It prevents pre-hypertension from growing into full-blown hypertension.


Watermelon contains little amount of fiber and lots of water. These nutrients encourages healthy digestion, prevents constipation and promotes normal bowel movement.


A few specialists accept that free radicals add to the improvement of asthma. Asthmatic patients with low level of vitamin C tend to have severe asthmatic problems. Watermelon as a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants help reduce the danger of having asthma or severe asthma.


Vitamin C in watermelon help forestall hypertension and coronary illness. A study published in the American journal of hypertension found that watermelon extract standardize pulse and decrease hypertension. Amino acid in this nature melon can regulate blood pressure by lowering the danger of heart attack and stroke.


Study conducted by the National Cancer Institute shows that Lycopene in watermelon helps in decreasing the danger of creating prostate cancer. Watermelons maybe be useful in lessening the danger of cancer through their antioxidants properties by neutralizing free radicals in the body.


This refreshing organic product, watermelon has a huge 92 percent of water content. Watermelon assist with hydration, which help, reduce the risk of chronic illness. A cup of this water-filled melon helps keep you from mouth dryness and keep your skin healthy. Thus makes it a healthy choice of snack during blistering summer.


Inflammation is the major reason for some ceaseless chronic diseases. Lycopene as an antioxidants help neutralize free radicals and benefit brain health. Anti-inflammatory nourishments can help with overall immunity and general health. Adding watermelon to your everyday diet help, fight inflammatory diseases like heart cancer and fibromyalgia- a long-term condition that causes pain and tenderness all over the body affecting the bones and muscles.


Watermelon contains vitamin C and vitamin A, which help keep the skin healthy and decrease the danger of age-related damage. Vitamin A advances healthy development of new collagen and repair skin cells. It additionally help keep the skin and hair moisturized. Lycopene and beta-carotene may likewise help shield your skin from sunburn. Eating water-filled melon often can help prevent damage from free radicals.


Some eat watermelon straight from the farm and does not need complex handling for juice extraction. Anyway, there are numerous ways to expend our juicy melon. Others blend into juice, or blended in with different fruits like cucumber, lime depending on your preference. While some prefer it blended, others will rather cut or chop it into fruit salads, such as pineapple, banana, apple and much more.

Watermelon tends to lose its taste, texture and nutritional contents when exposed to sunlight or high temperature for a long time. It is not good to serve watermelon under frosty temperature. Water-filled melon is best to take fresh and natural.


Many individuals consume watermelon and dispose the seed because they love the red fleshy pulp. However, do you know that this tiny black seeds contains an immense health benefit? They are rich in vitamins, potassium, proteins, copper, and significantly more. These seeds are also very high in calories. Therefore, try eating watermelon seed the following ways:

  • Freshly- that is chewing the seeds while eating the red succulent fleshy pulp to get the nutritional content.
  • Sprouting- this can be done by soaking them for few days so they can begin to sprout. Then dry them in oven or under the sun. Eating the watermelon seed in this way gives you a full portion of the protein and you can eat them as a healthy snack.
  • They can be roasted- Dry the seeds and roast them with little amount of olive oil to make them brown and crispy. Despite the fact that they would lose some nutritional contents yet it is still a very healthy snack unlike other unhealthy snacks. The seed is also useful in salad, smoothie, fried rice, soups, and sandwiches.


  • enhances skin
  • improves heart health
  • strengthens bone
  • controls blood sugar level
  • support hair growth
  • enhances sexual desire
  • good source of healthy calories


Watermelon rind are edible and contains enormous nutritional values.

  • Watermelon skin limits indications of early morning sickness and swelling related with pregnancy.
  • In light of its substance of natural sugar and potassium, it likewise decreases heartburn.
  • Watermelon skin advances sexual performance and libido with partner, by permitting better progression of blood to intimate areas.
  • Fiber found in the skin can assist with feeling fuller for a more extended timeframe. Moreover, citrulline found in watermelon rind helps with weight reduction.
  • Watermelon skin is effective in the treatment of urinary tract infection, because of the hydrating and diuretic properties.
  • Potassium in watermelon rind help control and keep up acid level in kidneys. Water content in the skin assists flush of any stones that might be linkable to the kidney. Thus, watermelon skin is incredible for avoidance and treatment of kidney stone.
  • You can make your preserve by boiling pieces of watermelon skin with sugar and different ingredients.
  • Equally, you can set up a serving of salad by joining bits of watermelon skin and onion with a little sprinkle of pepper to taste.



Among the foods of Egypt for which the complaining Israelites and mixed crowd expressed great longing were the cucumbers, along with watermelons, leeks, onions, and garlic. (Nu 11:5) Moderate consumption of watermelon has no serious health hazard for most people; however, some need to be cautious. It is not recommended for patients with clamminess and cold in the stomach, it causes injury and other related ailments. One has to be careful and maintain proper diet to get the most out of fruits and laden with nutrients such as watermelon. The beautiful thing about watermelon is that it is readily and freshly available in farms, markets and superstores around the world. In some countries like Japan, it goes beyond consumption into a work of art. There, watermelon farming gets more attractive twist than anywhere in the world. Thus highlights the importance of watermelon as beneficial to health and economic growth as well. Above all, everything about this melon is good for you and worth paying attention to.